They Can Optimize Their Own Site But Will They Optimize Yours? | The HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast

When HVAC contractors look for marketing services online they usually search Google. The companies that come up in those searches have clearly optimized their own websites which is why they are ranking on page one and why you clicked on them. But just because their own site is optimized doesn’t mean they will optimize yours (to the same degree) if and when you become a client. Independent researchers noted specific cases where client websites did not meet even close to the standard set by the company website. This dynamic is very misleading to prospective customers who are expecting the same type of optimization effort on their own site. Pitfalls of working with SEO companies are not new. Lip service is a fairly common occurrence for web geeks. Understanding how to weed out the bad ones can pay off in the end.

Aggregate Reviews

Achieving Maps placement is important but it is not possible without reviews. Google prioritizes HVAC businesses that have established a reputation through reviews. Generating reviews is not an easy task necessarily but it is a relatively simple one. As a client of HVAC Webmasters your website includes our Righteous Reviews widget which allows customers to leave a review directly on your website which is than distributed to Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Also, the widget populates existing reviews of your company from those same platforms and displays them for all visitors to witness. The best way to get someone to leave a review on your website is to ask in person.

Deep, Heavy Content

Websites that optimize typically have deep, heavy content. That means multiple in-depth pages explaining different aspects of their services. That means weekly or monthly blog posts that provide valuable and informative reading material on the subject matter. A one page website will never optimize to its potential. For Google to acknowledge a website as an authority on a topic, it must showcase its relevance over and over again. Good content is not a one time action, it must be written and published consistently including with relevant internal links to enhance user experience.

Maps Placement

For HVAC companies many clicks will come from Google Maps. The Local 3 Pack appears on search results for HVAC related queries and if you are properly optimized can generate a substantial number of leads. Since The 3 Pack is showcased above traditional organic results, customers are more likely to click them. It is estimated that close to 70% of searchers click organic results over PPC ads but Google Maps listings are included as part of “organic” results. The best part about being included on the Local Map Pack is that you’re likely to also be on regular organic results.

Organic Clicks

As a full digital marketing agency our team provides advertising services in addition to SEO. We help HVAC contractors with their Google and Facebook ad spend and attempt to maximize revenue from that technique. While ads can certainly be helpful, organic clicks still provide the greatest ROI which is why we believe so strongly in them at HVAC Webmasters. Because organic results are achieved through a series of optimization tasks they do not require the same kind of fixed payment that PPC advertising does. SEO is sustainable so organic clicks will continue to yield profit over time.

Is Your HVAC Website Optimized?

Sometimes contractors don’t know whether or not their site is optimized. They certainly are aware of the amount of leads they are generating but may not be able to identify what is working and what is not working on a website. That’s why Google Analytics and Google Search Console are very important tools for all business owners. HVAC companies must see tangible results in the form of organic clicks. The good news is that Google Analytics can be set up on any website, free of charge. With the tracking code live on your website, you will know definitively how much traffic it is generating. If it happens to be showing lots of clicks but you are receiving minimal calls, the issues with your SEO campaign could have more to do with conversion. Still, the SEO process is not truly complete until it completes the job of generating a lead. Having a professional perform an SEO audit of your website can be helpful but make sure they are providing you with legitimate information and not just lip service.

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