Modern Marketing Strategies for HVAC Leads

Man on Phone and PC Looking to Generate HVAC Leads

HVAC marketing is much more technically advanced than it was 10-20 years ago

The days of printing your HVAC advertisement in the local newspaper are long gone. Today, if you want to generate quality HVAC leads, you have to be on the internet. In other words, you have to have an online presence. There are multiple ways to create such a presence, and HVAC Webmasters will document a few of them below:

Build a Website

The most common form of modern marketing is website development. Of course, you’ll require a professional web designer and an SEO strategy to make your investment worthwhile.

NAP Listings

If there is one non-negotiable for modern HVAC marketing, it’s the claiming and optimization of NAP listings. What are NAP listings? They are source listings of your company within online directories like Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. These sites serve as the modern-day Yellow Pages, and not having them gives you virtually zero chance of being found online.

Social Media Marketing

If you must get by without a website, you should, at the very least, be on social media. This means a company or business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a great way to market your services and connect with potential customers. Follow Facebook’s instructions for setting up a business page.

HVAC Marketing in 2017

Each of the above marketing strategies can help you generate HVAC leads in 2017. Everyone who has worked in the service industry know that leads are the most important aspect of business growth. Without leads, companies go bankrupt. Luckily for contractors, the HVAC market is still pretty wide open in terms of internet marketing. With the right strategy, you can make significant gains online. Some elements of a well-designed marketing plan include:

Audience Targeting

You can’t sell everything to everybody, so you must sell something to somebody. Identify a customer profile, and work to reach that market.

Budget Setting

All marketing plans must have a budget. Without one, things can get out of hand quickly, and you can destroy your ROI. Plan a budget before investing in marketing services like PPC ads and social media advertising.

Data Measurement

Perhaps the most critical element of a marketing plan is measurable data. Without data, your plan becomes a guessing game, and you have no way to make improvements, or accumulate valuable data for future campaigns.

Sales Conversions

At the end of the day, the bottom line determines the success of your marketing strategy. If you are not making a profit at a certain point, your plan has failed. Sometimes it can take time to make gains, which is why a pre-designed plan is imperative.

HVAC Webmasters Can Help

If you are overwhelmed by the advances in marketing over the past decade, HVAC Webmasters can alleviate your concerns. We have years of experience working with HVAC contractors just like yourself to create successful marketing plans, that can change the course of companies. For modern HVAC marketing strategies, and tips for generating more leads, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.