What the Heck are Mobile Micro-Moments?

A Local Search During One of Many Buy Mobile Micro-Moments

On-the-Go Decision Making

With mobile search capability safely tucked in our pockets at practically any given time of day, it’s only natural that consumers develop stronger research habits. Our decision-making processes consistently incorporate immediate search, especially when it comes to essential services like heating and cooling. After years of study, Google classified search behavior into four unique categories known as mobile micro-moments.

Today, we’ll discuss these micro-moments and how contractors may take advantage of them. By the end, you should have a workable plan to enhance your SEO for HVAC services. If your business struggles with low performance in mobile-based search, be sure to read closely!

Mobile Search: the Why

What device are you reading this article on right now? If it’s a smart phone, tablet or a similar device, you’re following a growing pattern of heavy mobile search. Just two years ago, 70 percent of online activity was conducted via mobile devices. Of course, that number continues to climb in 2019.

Our own experience at the HVAC Webmasters shows time and time again how crucial mobile optimization is for the continued success of contractors. When a site easily converts into a phone-sized user interface, visitors read on with confidence. However, we’ve encountered plenty of frustrated contractors out there whose mobile-unfriendly sites drop potential customers faster than a hot potato!

Most businesses quickly learn why mobile optimization carries such heavy weight in HVAC SEO. But how can these hardworking companies go about creating content in a way that pleases heavy mobile search users? This is where mobile micro-moments come into focus!

Mobile Micro-Moments: the How

As we mentioned earlier, micro-moments fall into four distinct categories. These describe the user intent behind any given Google search query.

The 4 Micro-Moment Categories

  • “I Want to Know”
  • “I Want to Go”
  • “I Want to Do”
  • “I Want to Buy”
A Chart of Googles Mobile Micro-Moments
Mobile Search is Time-Sensitive. Even Seconds Make a Difference! Source: Google


“I Want to Know” Moments

“I want to know” moments dive into topical research. This is simply a quest for information. They have a much lower likelihood of ending in a purchase than the other categories, but that doesn’t mean that they never do. While smart businesses can still convert these investigators into leads, it’s best to treat these searches for what they are: shallow, first-stage interactions.

Best Materials for This Micro-Moment Type

  • How-To Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Video Guides
  • Detailed Service Pages

Many “I want to know” mobile micro-moments involve consumers who haven’t been exposed to your brand before. That means that these situations provide the perfect opportunity to make strong first impressions! To harvest these moments, focus on providing highly informative, mobile-optimized content. Make sure the content is delivered in an easy-to-digest format, such as those listed above.


“I Want to Go” Moments

This category of micro-moments primarily focuses on location data. Consumers want to know where your business is located and the relative distance to their property. These are especially important if you have a physical headquarters or storefront that receives customers. There are a few key activities to take advantage of for maximum HVAC SEO benefits.

How to Claim More Moments in this Category

  • Completely fill out your Google My Business listing.
  • Check-in at locations during projects.
  • Geo-tag your reviews.
  • Keep your primary address and contact info consistent across listings.

Google Maps plays a critical role in this category of mobile micro-moments. So do local pack listings in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Even if you use your home address as your HVAC company’s headquarters, you can still take advantage of these moments keep potential customers informed.


“I Want to Do” Moments

AC contractors miss out on a lot of micro-moment opportunities, especially in the “I Want to Do” category. Here, we enter the realm of “how-to” videos and blog guides. When homeowners look for ways to improve their property values or safely clean their air conditioning systems, your business needs to be ready with pertinent guidelines.

Ideal Content for Capturing These Moments

  • How-To Video Guides
  • Step-by-Step Walkthrough Blogs
  • Inspirational Idea Posts on Facebook & Instagram

Look for hot topics in your industry. If you’ve been getting a lot of renovation-related questions from customers, try writing a blog post for your website or an abbreviated guide on your Facebook page. Just make sure you have lots of related visuals to maintain engagement!


“I Want to Buy” Moments

This is the micro-moment you’ve been waiting for: when a consumer is actually prepared to make the purchase! In the case of HVAC contractors, we can say that most “I want to buy” moments come in the form of phone calls or email service requests. What can your business do to help these potential clients?

Facilitating Buyer Micro-Moments

  • Make sure your call to action (CTA) is clearly visible throughout your company website!
  • Provide a similar CTA in your Facebook Business page.
  • Confirm your service hours and number are accurately listed everywhere.
  • Complete your Google My Business listing.
  • Fill out free profiles in business directories, such as the BBB.
  • Create paid-search ad campaigns for top services.

Essentially, your heating and cooling company needs to eliminate any barriers that could cause a hot purchase impulse to cool down. Don’t forget, nothing halts a purchase decision faster than poor or nonexistent reviews! Make sure your employees continue to ask for reviews each time they finish a project.

Google Showcasing Statistics Related to Mobile Micro-Moments

It All Starts With HVAC SEO

Of course, none of these wonderful connections happen without a firm foundation of HVAC SEO. That includes…

These activities ensure your business gets the attention it deserves on Google search engine results. At HVAC Webmasters, we help numerous businesses across the country grow their online presence and earn both natural and paid search leads. To learn how your business can experience fresh growth, call us at (800) 353-3409!

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