Enhance Local SEO With Check-in Tools

Google considers a wide range of information when creating the search results you see online. For Local Map rankings in particular, Google looks at thousands of businesses within a service area prior to selecting only three for the Map Pack results. Not all HVAC companies are legit but many are trying to rank anyway. One of the most effective ways to prove your worth as a company is to provide social proof, AKA evidence of actual work.

Both Customers and Search Engines Value Social Proof

Among the factors, Google considers as evidence are custom websites, reviews, and proper SEO elements. In this podcast, we are going to speak on an innovative form of social proof that can change the landscape of local SEO as we know it, and produce qualified HVAC leads for contractors. What is this we speak of? Check-ins.

What HVAC Contractors Should Know About Check-ins

  • Companies who use check-ins regularly have a decided advantage over those who use them sparingly
  • Reviews are still the #1 source of social proof but check-ins enhance their validity and contribute significantly to SEO ranking
  • Employees and other team members can receive their own login information to perform check-ins on their own

How To Define a Check-in

Check-ins are a form of user-generated content that publishes your geolocation along with your performed service.

Think about your city on Google Maps. Lots of other businesses and residential homes span across the area. You may even notice the exact address of your main office (or home). But what you don’t see, and more importantly; what Google doesn’t see, is which of the homes or business buildings you repaired air ducts, air conditioners, and furnaces for.

As we remind many professionals over the years, Google is not omniscient. It only knows what people tell it. In fact, the search engine only works as well as it does because hundreds of millions of people continually upload information for it to dig into.

Google can only produce information based on the data it can see, record, and distribute. By providing Google with check-ins, you give them the source they need to improve rankings. Check-in technology is an asset to Google and to you as a business owner.

HVAC Check-in Example

Advantages of Using Check-ins for HVAC

Check-ins increase rankings, attract qualified leads and improve conversion rates. In essence, check-in technology provides every core need for the HVAC contractor who markets their services online.

Although SEO is definitely a copycat industry, so few contractors have dipped their toes into the world of check-ins, simply because they don’t know that they exist. This lack of industry knowledge provides a great opportunity for HVAC companies who are ahead of the curve. When Google can verify detailed information about your company’s worksite performances they can highlight your service over other competitors.

In our own case studies, we’ve seen check-ins prove heavily effective in moving businesses into Google’s Local 3-Pack. Contractors are always in the market for qualified leads, especially if they have to do very little work to acquire them. With check-in technology, all it takes is a simple form submission and you are benefiting your SEO like never before.

Visualizing HVAC Check-ins

Once a job is completed, take out your mobile phone and grab a picture of the freshly repaired AC unit or furnace. From there you visit your check-in dashboard and fill out the job-site check-in form. Finally, you click “check-in” and the process is done. You can just sit back and enjoy what that simple sequence of events is going to do for your SEO and lead generation.

Uploading check-ins to your company website is the most effective way to boost organic rankings. Regular updates allow for Google to crawl new information regularly and ensure your crawl schedule is frequent. Combine this with the embedded geolocation data from your job site check-ins and you are light years ahead of many competitor websites in terms of local SEO.

What Else You Need to Know

Check-ins should be frequent and accurate in order to maximize its value. The more map markers you have across your service area, the more prospective customers you will attract. HVAC companies must check-in whenever they do a job in order to take their SEO to the next level in 2020. While the extra 2-5 minutes it takes to check-in may take some getting used to, the business benefits will make you want to do it every time.

Think about your map markers as a board game against other competitors. As you fill out your map, you gain a major head start on any company that will start check-ins in 6 months to a year. You are already way ahead of them.

If possible, choose a check-in solution that lets you upload fresh pictures on to your website. Customers and Google alike appreciate fresh images, and it looks nice on your site. All you have to do consistently snag photos at the end of each job. Just imagine your clients seeing projects closely related to their plumbing needs as they browse through your website!

Check-ins are nice because of map markers and geolaction but original photos really take them to the next level, especially for conversion rate optimization. Every check-in should include a photo taken by you or the job-site employee which showcases the job you did on the AC unit, furnace, etc. As visitors browse through your jobs, they can really get a feel for your work.