HVAC Internet Marketing Tips for 2018

HVAC Internet Marketing Tips 2018

2018 Trends to Watch Include; Audience Targeting and Sleek Web Design

The new year is upon us. Yes, 2018 is here and it promises to be another challenging but exciting year in the world of digital marketing. As a company that works with HVAC contractors on their internet marketing campaigns, we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. During 2017, we made strides in brand development, lead generation, and reputation management. In addition, we fully realized the importance of mobile optimization in the world of SEO. 2018 will bring along with it a new set of challenges, while maintaining ones from the past.

While we can’t predict exactly what will transpire in the coming year, we do know the general direction in which internet marketing is heading. User experience has always been a priority for search engines, but the technology with which they could accommodate it has never been more advanced than it is today. With that in mind, HVAC companies should plan for a 2018 that anticipates the needs of its customers and new creative ways to engage with them. Our access to user behavioral data is more present than ever before and we can use it to our advantage.

Narrowing Your Target Audience

With the rise of analytics across all industries, it’s not a surprise that internet marketing would be at the forefront of this movement. Technology has advanced to a degree where we can measure user behavior at a somewhat alarming rate. Regardless of how you feel about this concept personally, your ability to implement it into your marketing strategy will determine how successful your HVAC company is in 2018. If macro measurements look at the big picture, micro measurements narrow them into the most specific metrics possible. These include:

  • Channel Platform: How are users ending up on your website? Via Facebook? Via Google My Business?
  • Consumer Demographics: What is the age range of your average customer? The income level?
  • Product Usage: How are HVAC customers looking for your services? Is it via iPhone? Google Assistant?
  • User Engagement: At what point on your website funnel are users deciding to either complete the call to action, or abandon pursuit of your services?

An objective for 2018 will be using all the available information to perform tangible actions. How can we get information in front of our customers in the most efficient manner possible? Similarly, through what mediums will this information be presented? With the ascendance of voice recognition products like Google Assistant, the way users consume information will continue to evolve. HVAC companies that hope to establish themselves as mainstays in the digital marketing landscape will take all these things into account for 2018.

Rethinking Website Design

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. This is a philosophy that will define web design in 2018. In fact, the trajectory in that direction has already started. When users describe the “feel” of a website, what they are generally referring to is either an absence or presence of obtrusive material. Examples of obtrusive material in the context of web design include:

  • Awkward Navigation: Having to scroll down clunky graphic intrusions to view imperative calls to action will maximize your bounce rate
  • Content Blocks: Blocks of non-formatted, non-segregated text looks like it was written by a 4th grader on MS DOS
  • Popup Advertising: The concept of popup advertising should’ve went out with AOL discs
  • Stock Photos: By now just about everyone has seen the ridiculous stock photos that have become parodies of themselves

Crafting a website that marries sleek design with SEO will establish an instant foundation for your HVAC website. A clearly visible call to action along with condensed, informative content encourages website visitors to become customers. Content is not just about language however. Presentation matters. Segregating content with bullet points, images, and widgets will enhance user experience and therefore increase the likelihood of ranking high on Google search engine results pages.


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