HVAC Leads: 2017 Guide for Contractors

HVAC Leads 2017 Guide

HVAC Webmasters proudly presents your 2017-2018 guide for HVAC leads and internet marketing

2017 is already more than halfway over, and if your sales numbers aren’t aligning with your yearly objectives, a marketing strategy change could be in order. HVAC contractors are always looking for leads. In an industry driven by property owners, the only way to serve them is to reach them. HVAC Webmasters will layout your 2017 guide for increased HVAC leads, and how you can best invest your marketing dollars to make 2017 a successful year.

HVAC Webmasters 2017 Guide for Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

SEO marketing is about ranking organically on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The objective is to rank locally for industry keywords with buying intent. An example of a high-earning potential keyword is “a/c repair service atlanta”. Through the search query, the user is communicating a desire for service, with the presumed intention of monetary transaction. Your SEO marketing campaign should account for the following:

  • Presentation: Through structured data markup, attractive web design, and well-written content, your website will be optimally presented to Google, and have a greater chance of ranking well on SERPs
  • Relevant Traffic: It cannot be stressed enough that leads are only generated through relevant traffic, and massive website traffic with no leads will get your company nowhere
  • Sustainability: Yes, the goal is to meet your yearly objective, but you want to do so while simultaneously setting yourself up to surpass it in the following year, and this can be accomplished through organic search optimization

HVAC contractors who are committed to sustained success and business growth will take SEO very seriously. With most users now searching for contractors via mobile devices, Google has become your primary source for local lead generation and something that should be referenced with every marketing investment that you make.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

2017 2018 HVAC Marketing Guide

PPC campaigns provide contractors with more expedient HVAC leads along with valuable data that can help your overall marketing strategy

So your numbers are a bit down this year, and you need to find a way to make a splash before the end of the year. Organic search optimization takes time to implement, and become effective, so PPC becomes a more expedient option. HVAC contractors should not be seduced by PPC as a long term strategy, but with the proper campaign management, one that is tactically designed to produce the greatest possible value, HVAC companies can make 2017 a successful year. Some aspects of a valuable PPC campaign include:

  • Data Tracking: You absolutely cannot waste valuable information about your customer base, and PPC presents all kinds of new data that should be recorded and used to alter your investment strategies moving forward
  • Responsible Budgeting: PPC is not quite a Vegas casino, but it can lead uneducated advertisers into poor financial decisions, make sure your budget is set responsibly, and maximized based on reliable research and consultation
  • Specific Targeting: This element is critical, to truly make a splash in 2017, every dollar should count, and location and demographic targeting, can help HVAC contractors only invest in advertisements that have a great chance to pay off

Don’t do anything desperate by trying a quick PPC campaign without the proper campaign development and management. Talk to the professionals at HVAC Webmasters for a detailed explanation of how exactly we will structure your PPC campaign, and how it can turn your company’s fortunes before the end of 2017.

Social Media Marketing

I know what you’re thinking “who really has time for social media”? The answer is simple: your competitors. The HVAC companies that dedicate themselves to marketing are the ones that are going to win 2017. The HVAC contractors who ignore new marketing technologies, and insist on an outdated model of business marketing, will suffer the consequences directly in their pockets. Social media marketing should present the following:

  • Brand Awareness: Think of Twitter as your media relations employee, it will shape the voice of your company, and present it in a way to attract customers
  • Customer Interaction: In 2017, HVAC customers want to communicate through social media, and since more customers is exactly what your company requires, obliging them is a win-win proposition
  • Promotional Activity: Instead of paying a fortune for a local commercial spot like you may have done 10 years ago, HVAC companies should take advantage of the massive marketing tool that is social media, and run promotional campaigns through modern technology

Social media can be whatever you make it. HVAC contractors who embrace the challenge of social media marketing, will reap the rewards of business growth and increased sales revenue. Stand out from the crowd, and do social media the right way. Automated posts and redundant, spammy, content curation is not a winning strategy for HVAC companies.

Reputation Management

2017 Guide HVAC Leads

Generating and monitoring reviews are two very important components of HVAC reputation management

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “your reputation precedes you” then you will understand the importance of online reputation management. With review websites like Yelp and Google My Business having an astonishing impact on customer decision-making, both preserving and enhancing your HVAC company’s reputation forms a direct line to your bank account. Some ways in which to enhance your reputation include:

  • Online Visibility: They can’t review you if they can’t find you, and while that prevents negative publicity for your HVAC company, it also prevents it from ever reaching its full marketing potential
  • Professional Response: Negative reviews are part of the process, and can actually present a valuable public relations opportunity, if you handle the matter professionally, and put the customer first
  • Review Generation: Again, having zero negative reviews is good, but having zero reviews period, is not, try linking your review profiles on Yelp, and Google My Business within your email signature and website footer

Reputation is one of the foundational principles of business. That’s not just in the modern landscape of internet marketing, but it has always been the case. The difference now is that information can be distributed at a lightning pace, and HVAC companies must be vigilant and persistent in protecting and improving their online reputation.

Online Directory Listings Management

The last category of HVAC Webmasters 2017 Guide for Lead Generation is online directory listings management. Websites like Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and Google My Business are considered valuable citation sources. By creating a listing, or claiming one that already exists, your HVAC company is taking important steps towards increased online visibility. Online listing directories are the modern-day Yellow Pages, and you can bet that numerous potential customers will be using them as a resource. Your online citation sources should possess the following qualities:

  • Accurate: Nothing hurts a business more than failed conversions, which is exactly what can happen if a customer with the intention to call your HVAC company, dials an inaccurate number listing, and then moves on to one of your competitors
  • Consistent: If you have changed your company name, address or phone number (NAP), you may have inconsistent directory listings, which can confuse customers about your contact info, and cost you leads, claiming and optimizing each of your listings will ensure uniformity throughout the web
  • Reputable: Not all listing directories are good for business, HVAC contractors should ensure that directories are reputable and will serve to enhance online visibility, rather than serve as a negative association and potentially problematic link connection

Out of all the components of lead generation, online directory listings management is the easiest to get started. A great first step is to create or claim your HVAC company listing on Google My Business. This citation source will not only increase your chances of becoming visible on Google SERPs, but it will serve as a source for the aforementioned customer reviews.