How HVAC Contractors Should Use Facebook

Creating HVAC Facebook Page on Tablet

HVAC Contractors Should Utilize The #1 Social Media Network

It’s no secret that Facebook is the number one social media network on the planet. But how can its popularity be used to benefit HVAC companies? Furthermore, is the time and effort required to effectively market a business on Facebook worth the time and effort? Let’s start with the basics. There are 2 types of Facebook pages:

  • Personal Pages (Default): A typical Facebook page intended to network with friends and family members, as well as to follow businesses, institutions and public figures
  • Business Pages: An alternative Facebook page designed specifically to market companies and connect them with digital followers

As an HVAC company, it is common sense that the Business Page is the one most beneficial to you. But the questions remain. How valuable is it? And is it worth the effort? As far as value goes, consider some of the things Facebook Business Pages can do for HVAC contractors:

  • Analyze Customers: Perhaps the most understated benefit of a Facebook Business page it’s generation of performance data (using Facebook Insights) that can help refine marketing practices moving forward
  • Boost SEO: An active Facebook page in which consumers engage with, sends out social signals which influence local search rankings
  • Establish Brand: It might seem like an immeasurable quality, but branding your company makes a world of difference, a claim backed up by almost every marketing study
  • Target an Audience: Since Facebook profiles list age, location, employment, interests, and more, companies are able to define an ultra-specific audience and target posts or ads to them

Based on the list above, it is fair to say that Facebook Business Pages offer value for HVAC contractors. If we concede, that, the question becomes, is it worth it? The only way to answer that question is with measurable data. As a contractor, measurable qualities to look for in a Facebook marketing campaign include:

  • Cost/Gain Per Customer: The money spent to acquire each customer vs. the money made
  • Leads Generated: The numerical value of how many leads came as a result of FB
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The overall net gain from FB in comparison to the investment

These are some tangible numbers that contractors can look at and determine whether or not the effort and time invested in Facebook is worth it. Be careful not to consider one number only. After all, there are qualitative effects that social media activity can have on other channels of lead generation. For example, if you are generating leads through organic search, don’t discount the effect that Facebook could be having on that success. Forgetting about social media just because leads aren’t coming directly from the source, can cost you money elsewhere.

The #1 Facebook Marketing Company for HVAC Contractors

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