Every Little Detail of Every Little Thing

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell… excluding every little detail required to achieve every little thing!

Business owners all over the world are beginning to realize how important it is for their website to have excellent SEO incorporated into it’s design.  Without a doubt, the MOST frequently asked question we get from new clients isn’t “How much does your service cost?” – It’s “Does your service include SEO?” The answer is simple: “OF COURSE our service includes SEO!” – Our entire company’s foundation is built on understanding and executing SEO with excellence… our team of in-house webmasters and other creme de la creme services is the icing on top! We believe that the key to excellent SEO is careful planning and consideration paid with respect towards completing every little detail of every little thing.  Less scrupulous website service providers out there read the guidelines that Google and other search engines lay out as a blueprint for cheating their way to the top of the search results – In reality, these companies are doing more to damage their client’s web presence than they are aware of! If the shortcuts are numerous enough, or if the methods at play are underhanded enough, Google will outright REFUSE to provide ANY search results from the offending website!

Why does Every Little Detail of Every Little Thing Matter for SEO?

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CLICK TO EXPLORE – This image illustrates how every website on the Earth is physically connected to each other. How bright is YOUR star in this universe?

Search Engine Optimization CANNOT be applied overnight or with a couple of clicks – There are DOZENS of “little details” that have to be done at the web design level for every site that are IGNORED for over 95% of ALL websites that currently exist. Here is an example that might drive home the magnitude of that statement: Imagine your business sells cheese, and your website was built with excellent Search Engine Optimization (attention to every little detail of every little thing). People who search for “cheese” on Google will get 50,000,000 results to choose from… but because YOUR website was among the top 10 results on PAGE ONE? Those people click YOUR link, visit YOUR website, buy YOUR cheese, and overall has what Google refers to as “A great user experience”… and Google ALWAYS rewards websites that provide a great user experience with prominent placement among their results! If your website does NOT have excellent SEO or your website is using dirty tactics to trick Google into believing it has excellent SEO – Google will refuse to stake its reputation as the number one search engine in the world by claiming your site is the best around. The search engine will push your business website further and further away from the first page… where it has a mere 0.000019999999999999998% chance of EVER being discovered by YOUR potential customers. In short: Good SEO means MANY clicks – Bad SEO means ZERO clicks… and the key to excellent SEO is in every little detail of every little thing! Contact us TODAY to discuss the service options we provide that’s right for your HVAC Business!