Do HVAC Contractors Need YouTube?

HVAC YouTube Video Content

Well produced YouTube content can help HVAC contractors separate from competitors

HVAC companies are constantly wondering; do we need YouTube content for an effective marketing campaign? While the answer isn’t a resounding yes or no, one thing is for certain, high quality YouTube content is a fast way to separate HVAC contractors from their competitors. Some of the benefits to well produced YouTube content include:

Free Advertising

Since YouTube is a free video service, uploading your video to their website costs you nothing. In addition, their following is so expansive, that you are gaining access to a gigantic audience, free of charge. With well optimized videos, including keyword placements within file names, title tags, and description tags, your HVAC company can quickly gain visibility.

Google Search Rankings

You’ve probably noticed that videos show up on some Google SERPs. While it’s true that video results have become a big part of popular searches, there seems to be somewhat of an inefficiency regarding video content for local HVAC searches. That provides a golden opportunity to HVAC contractors who want to quickly ascend in search results.

Social Media Content

HVAC contractors are constantly wondering; what should I post on social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus? What social media users want to see is content that is both unique and engaging. By posting YouTube videos on your social media timelines, you are interacting with potential customers, in a way that will engage them, and entice them to pursue business with you.

Does YouTube Affect HVAC Companies SEO?

Now that we know that videos can rank on Google SERPs, you are probably wondering, can YouTube videos affect my overall SEO? The answer is yes, indirectly. While the existence of YouTube content won’t, by itself, make your website or business page rank higher, the subsidiary components of it will do just that. Below are some of the ways in which quality YouTube content can impact your SEO:

  • Annotation URLs: YouTube provides a great feature known as annotations, which allows HVAC contractors to embed external links within their video presentation, creating another website portal, and one that can generate relevant traffic
  • Brand Recognition: Google determines local search rankings, based largely on what are known as behavioral signals, meaning that users who recognize your brand are more likely to engage with your content through multiple channels
  • User Engagement: Embedding YouTube videos on your website has shown to increase the amount of time users spend on it, which decreases your bounce rate, and makes users more likely to complete a call to action

Think of YouTube videos in the same way you thought of TV ads 20 years ago. The difference now is that it is much easier, and much cheaper, to establish yourself on YouTube, rather than local television. Instead of the highest bidder having access to top advertising spots, HVAC companies with an intuitive video marketing strategy, can jump the competition for a fraction of the price.

YouTube Marketing for HVAC Companies

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