7 Great Qualities of The Best HVAC Marketing Videos

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Regardless of the industry that your business resides, it is as important now more than ever before to have a marketing strategy in place. You might have the best service or product available, but if the consumer doesn’t know who you are and what you do, none of that will matter.

This is particularly true when it comes to HVAC services. In the eyes of the consumer, many of these companies are the same. As a business owner in the industry, you know that to be an untrue statement, but it is essential to have a marketing strategy that will help you stand out among a sea of competitors.

Videos are becoming on way to make a huge impact in a marketing sense for businesses of any kind, let alone those in the crowded HVAC industry. But what do you do to create a video that will grab the attention of prospective customers and make them take a chance on your business?

Here are a few must-haves when creating a marketing video for your HVAC company to help it stand out among the competition.

Know your audience

There are some companies across different industries that attempt to make one of those videos that seems zany and weird thinking that it will help them stand out. But the fact of the matter is, as an HVAC company, your reach is really quite small in the grand scheme of things. And for that reason, you want to appeal to your target demographic.

Think about it: you don’t want to appeal to an audience that will never use or have a need for your service. You are aiming for homeowners, so probably in the 26-60 range. Granted, that is still a pretty broad brush to paint with, but you get a better idea of just who it is you are targeting.

When you have a refined approach as far as your audience in creating an HVAC marketing video, you can put out a more concise message. You want to let that target audience know who you are and what it is you do. Not only that, you want them to get the message that they should call your company and not the others.

Knowing your target audience can help you convey that message far more clearly and will make the most of your marketing dollars. Stay on message and stay focused with your videos.

Optimize your search quality

This is a big one that has started to become a little less important over the years but remains something that all businesses should explore in regards to their online impact. Google remains one of the biggest and best tools available online to market to your audience. The problem with that is that everyone and their mother is trying to do the same thing. This makes for a crowded pool of businesses that are all trying to reach a similar audience.

The way to stand out in that sea of competitors is to work on strengthening your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, this is how Google pushes more relevant sites to the top of those searches. And when you can appear on the first page of a Google search, the amount of eyeballs that will see your business is massive.

With your video, you want to make sure that you are hitting all of the proper tags and keywords so that Google can find and promote your page a bit better. This will go a long way towards getting more eyeballs on your product and making it stand out when there are so many other viable competitors.

YouTube Optimization

While making sure that your SEO rankings are the best they possibly can be, it is even more essential to do this on YouTube. For those of us who are not as experienced with YouTube, you might think that it is as simple as posting your video and hoping for the best. But YouTube has evolved in such a way that it operates in a sense like Google does: it looks for relevant keywords and tags so that when you search for something specific, you get the featured videos in that category.

For your HVAC marketing videos, you want to use this same approach. Make sure that your tags are clear and concise and that you are aiming as carefully as possible with your YouTube SEO terms. This will help YouTube differentiate your video among the millions of others and push it towards the top of the rankings for that particular search.

While YouTube might not quite have the reach that Google does, it is a monster in its own right and one that you need to take advantage of. Make sure that your videos are properly optimized and you will see more views and results on YouTube.

Stay on Time

While it might sound easy to create a video for your HVAC company – and it is far easier these days to shoot it thanks to the high-quality cameras and editing tools that are available on smartphones – it isn’t as easy as point, shoot, edit.

First and foremost, you have to go into the shoot knowing what message you want to convey and how to do it. This is the most important aspect of getting your HVAC marketing video together. If you don’t know what you want to say and who you want to hear it, you won’t be able to deliver the kind of message that gets results.

But more importantly, watch your time. We as a society have a very short attention span these days and using a video that is too long will only deter your potential audience from giving it a shot. Keep your videos to 30 seconds or less; honestly, keeping them to 15 seconds or less is probably a better bet because attention spans are just that short.

Keep your message tight and your time as low as you think you can so that you can grab all the eyeballs and keep them focused.

Get social

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One of the things that you want to take advantage of after you have made your video is sharing it with your audience. YouTube and your website are certainly fine avenues to do this and it is recommended that you go that route. But make use of social media as well.

Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have all exploded in popularity in recent years. That is why it is so essential to make sure that your video reaches these platforms: there are millions upon millions of users on each platform, which means those are potentially more eyes that could be drawn to your video.

Use relevant hashtags and try to promote your video without coming across as pushy. This can be a difficult thing to achieve but finding that balance through social media can make a huge difference in finding and creating more leads.

Demonstrate customer loyalty through testimonials

This might be a bit of a tricky endeavor to pull off, but if you can get your customers involved in your video, it could make for a potentially great idea. After all, any company will tell you how great their services are, but not all of them can be great. That is where involving your customers can come in handy.

If at all possible, film testimonials and reviews with your customers. This will let your prospective clients know that you are trustworthy and that there are actual customers out there who have used your service and had a positive experience. Ultimately, prospective customers in any business are just trying to make sure that a company is reputable and trustworthy; if you can project those qualities to your audience, you have already taken care of half the battle.

Make sure to not overdo it, though: having a ton of testimonials might drown out your message a bit and take away from the video overall. Add in a few customers here and there to deliver your message, but continue to use the rest of the video to tell the narrative that you are looking tot ell and to deliver the message to prospective customers just what your company is all about.

Create do-it-yourself tutorials

This can be a bit tricky because it might seem like it defeats the purpose of trying to get customers to pay for your services. But what you might not realize is that you can help develop that sense of trustworthiness by showing your audience that you care more about their issues being resolved more so than who resolves them.

The fact of the matter is that some people will be do-it-yourselfers because of cost. No matter what you do or how cheaply you offer your services, this will be the case. So, by creating do-it-yourself videos for very basic HVAC services – ones that you are not likely to get calls about anyway – you can build brand trust and that is a huge thing.

Use these DIY videos to establish that trust with your audience and they might be less hesitant to call you when they need a service they can’t handle themselves.