4 Fundamental Elements of the Best Air Conditioning Ads

Best Air Conditioning Ads (Blog Cover)

If you have been pouring money into your advertising budget and not getting a satisfactory ROI, you may be missing out on some of the fundamental elements that make the best air conditioning ads. As an HVAC contractor, you can’t afford to throw money away on ineffectual ad campaigns. 

The problem that many business owners run into is that they have good HVAC advertising ideas in general but lack the guidance that comes from considering these fundamental ad elements. Their efforts go in vain and they see no increase in customer conversion. As a digital marketing team that works specifically with HVAC contractors, we see this happen all too often. So today we wanted to provide a list of the most fundamental elements for successful HVAC ads based on our extensive experience and expertise in the industry.

Here at HVAC SEO Webmasters, we’ve studied online advertising for the better part of a decade. In addition to SEO, web design, and content marketing, our understanding of ads his given us knowledge worth sharing with you. And in the meantime, you can take a look at our list of the fundamental elements of the best air conditioning ads.

1) Audience Targeted

We start off with the most basic of all advertising principles: know your target market. It may seem simple but even the biggest companies in the world make this misstep. Luckily, for smaller-scale HVAC companies, it isn’t so hard to figure out where best your marketing dollars should be spent. Take a look at a good sampling of your most recent invoices, identify the customers who have spent the most money along with the invoices that represent your most frequent types of customers. For example, if you are seeing that most of your customers are in the residential sector, consider pointing your ad crosshairs on residential service and products. Do the same if you realize that the majority of your business is in the commercial or industrial sector.

2) “Pain PressureFocused

There is a term in the marketing lexicon, “pain point.” A pain point refers to a problem that your customer base is likely to be experiencing. The practice of “pressuring the pain” refers to advertising campaigns that address these problems. Pressuring a pain point is not a new concept but it is a mainstay in advertising and marketing because it yields results consistently. And the best air conditioning ads will masterfully execute this practice. As Kinetic Advertising puts it, pain points allow you to shape the nature of your service. An effective advertising campaign will, therefore, let the pain points of the customer base dictate the nature of the ads themselves. Once again, the HVAC industry is fortunate because it’s not hard to imagine what the pain points of the clientele would be. Think of sweltering heat and a busted AC. Think of loud AC systems that disrupt a household. Think of a financially strapped customer-facing an exorbitant repair bill. These are all examples of pain points related to the HVAC industry.

3) Effective CTA’s

A CTA is a call to action. In advertising, CTA’s are usually phrases that encourage potential customers to act in one way or another. A lot of business owners use general CTA’s that don’t speak to the needs of their specific industry. But the best air conditioning ads have specified, crafted, and effective calls to action. Whatever your ad medium is, be sure to include a thoughtful CTA that spurs your audience to take a favorable action. In the HVAC business, your call to action should be tailored to the needs of your customer and entice them. “Keep your home cool by working with us,” is a good example of a residentially focused CTA and “Schedule your free estimate” offers an enticing proposition for value-seeking customers. 

4) Consistent Branding

Don’t jump from logo to logo or mascot to mascot. Consistent branding is essential to increase brand awareness, grow brand trust, and ultimately, drive revenue. In fact, consistent branding has been observed to increase revenue for companies by up to 33%. We know that it could be hard to settle on one logo or graphic to represent your company for the rest of its days but it’s important to sort that out as early as you can so you can start establishing your brand. The best air conditioning ads will have clean, eye-catching, prominent, and consistent branding.

Bonus Tip: Funny Ads Can Boost Engagement

While there’s reason to be serious much of the time, funny air conditioning ads can boost engagement for companies. Consumers like funny HVAC ads in the same way they like comedy movies and internet memes. Ultimately, if they associate legitimate humor with your brand, the chances of them clicking-through increases. Multi-channel campaigns allow for message diversity, though the brand’s general them should remain on-brand. You don’t want to confuse or alienate potential customers who may be more or less inclined to find advertising funny.

Get Professional Help

Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to craft a profitable advertising or marketing campaign is to work with seasoned pros. Here at HVAC SEO Webmasters, we have a vast knowledge of the HVAC industry and abundant experience with marketing in this space. The bottom line is that we can help you generate more leads and convert more customers so make your HVAC business more profitable today. Choosing the right advertising agency can be challenging for contractors. Depending on your goals and needs, online ads may seem like a different world. As an agency that specializes in heating and cooling, we know what works and what doesn’t work in 2020.