A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing – 3 Essentials for HVAC Pros

Social media is a fascinating, malleable industry that changes every time you look at it. Budding HVAC companies spend years getting lost within its many folds, only to resurface without a clue towards what happened. Despite the challenging environment, social media marketing promises a fantastic hoard of leads to those who learn how to unlock its treasures.

That’s what we’ll be doing today!

Listen in as we discuss how heating and cooling professionals can dip their toes into the waters of social media marketing without sinking their budgets. With the right tools (and the right attitude), your business could earn a healthy new channel of revenue. Be sure to take notes!

Helpful Lessons for HVAC Pros

  • Ideal platforms vary from company to company. Experiment & adapt!
  • Not every platform offers the same audience targeting capabilities.
  • Social media marketing is not a replacement for organic SEO.
  • Keep your goals in order. Focus on sales, not popularity.

Marketing Through Social Media

When it comes social media marketing, many HVAC professionals simply want to know one thing. “Why?”

Why take the time, money, and effort to promote your business in one of the most chaotic environments around? Why do advertisers consistently push these channels, and how does social media marketing affect sales?

The answer to these questions: targeted exposure. With the right social media channels and the right advertising tools, HVAC professionals can drastically increase the exposure of their brand and meet new, qualified prospects in need of service. As HVAC social media marketing matures, the opportunities for supplemental revenue grow increasingly easier to grasp.

You just need the right place(s) to start!

What Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

A lot of heating and cooling professionals want to know how much social media marketing (SMM) costs. That depends on a handful of factors.

Factors affecting the cost of SMM:

  • Size of your local community / service area(s)
  • Concentration of free activities vs paid advertising
  • Keywords used
  • Style of advertising
  • Degree of target audience specificity

With that being said, you can develop a very productive advertising strategy across a handful of platforms for a monthly rate in the low hundreds. It’s all about finding your ideal platforms and experimenting to see what works for your business. Below, we’ve crafted a bare essentials kit to tackle social media marketing for HVAC beginners.

Where to Start Social Media Marketing


Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook is the perfect place to kick off a SMM campaign. It offers plenty of free and paid options for promoting your business. More importantly, the tech giant offers access to thousands of active accounts in your local community! First, you’ll need to claim your Facebook Business profile.

Provide as much detail regarding your company as possible. Operating hours, services offered, FAQs, prices (if you feel comfortable), contact information. Upload plenty of original photos and videos too! Once the profile is launched, you can always use it to post timed promotions and other marketing projects.

Paid Advertising: Unless you have a sophisticated and productive content marketing strategy in action, don’t worry about post promotions (“boosting”) just yet. Focus your time on getting acquainted with Facebook Ad Manager, which offers exceptional customization for your campaigns. It also helps you control where, when, and to whom your ads show up.


Promoting Through Instagram

Get visual! Instagram harnesses the power of pictures, stories, and other forms of visual media to engage with millions of viewers throughout the world. On the free side of the SMM platform, you can upload fresh images and video of your projects. That’s a fantastic way to help first time homeowners discover exciting solutions for their heating/AC needs.

Instagram caters to a younger demographic than its parent company Facebook. It also promotes a more whimsical environment, meaning it’s okay to to present a more relaxed side of your crew and staff. In fact, prospective clients might enjoy a more personable side of your team!

Paid Advertising: Again, stick with Instagram Ad Manager, unless you’ve already developed a substantial following in your target market. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to select an audience within your community, set your budget, and test ad styles. Stick with Instagram Stories or colorful still ads as you start out.


Advertising on YouTube

As one of the fastest growing platforms in social media marketing, YouTube has exploded into the marketing world with more force than anyone could have predicted. People spend hours at a time watching their favorite streamers, original TV shows, and how-to guides. That’s a huge window to get your brand in front of their eyes!

Before you jump into advertising, get in a little practice. Start filming your repair projects. Ask a spouse or loved one to hold a camera while you try giving a branded talk. Experiment with tripods, or even a selfie-stick. Just don’t get too carried away during a service call!

Paid Advertising: As a Google property, YouTube Advertising has far-reaching potential for connecting with the perfect (qualified and enthusiastic) audience. Start with simple video ads. You might show how to identify a common fault in an AC unit, and offer a promotion on professional repairs. Don’t worry about producing studio quality footage. Master the basics and you can earn some fresh leads for your HVAC team!

SMM Ad Experts

If you lack the time or energy to manage your own social media marketing campaigns, there’s always the professional option. A person with years of experience can make all the difference in connecting with the right audience, especially on a limited budget! When you choose an agency, just make sure they do their research.

Our social media advertising team at HVAC Webmasters offers customized campaign management for maximum return on your ad spend. Talk with us about your budget and goals, and see if our services might be the perfect fit for your company. To learn more, call us at (800) 353-3409!

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