Internet Marketing for Heating & Air Conditioning Companies in Fairmont, WV

You’ve heard how important it is to leverage the influence of the internet to grow your local HVAC business. Perhaps you’ve even hired someone before to help you with search engine optimization, but you’re still not seeing results online. Most of your potential customers will use their cell phones or computers to shop for the service they need, and the heating and air conditioning contractors that show up at the top of the results are those who capitalize on internet marketing. When your potential customer’s air conditioner has gone out or their furnace is on the fritz, they’ll quickly reach for whoever is at the top for repairs. The good news? You don’t have to take a crash course in SEO to be successful at internet marketing in the Fairmont, WV market for HVAC. That’s what we’re here for!

HVAC Webmasters specializes in online marketing for heating and air conditioning companies. This means that we know all the prime keywords, services, and design components that perform most optimally for attracting customers and moving up in the rankings. Our rates are highly competitive given the level of attention and expertise that is given to your site on an on-going basis. We ultimately consider it a job well done as we see your business doing better than ever.

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HVAC Organic SEO Specialists

Organic SEO gets a lot of attention these days, but few understand what it really means or how it’s distinctive from other forms of search engine optimization. HVAC Webmasters specializes in Organic SEO, which refers to creating websites that are designed from Home Page to Contact page to perform well in web searches based on content and structure. There are artificial (paid) means of increasing rankings for internet searches, and we definitely don’t have any opposition to that approach. For some industries, pay-per-click (or “PPC”) campaigns can yield great results, and our team can assist you to develop a PPC strategy for your business. But the way that we design your site is to maximize opportunities with coding, content, page structure, titles and tags, etc. to ensure that your site is strong in rankings for the long-haul, independent of PPC efforts.

Especially when it comes to emergency A/C and heating repairs, the closer you are at the top of the search engine results for Fairmont, WV, the more likely that residential or commercial customer will see your information and call you right away. Our internet marketing strategy is to deliver a professional, streamlined website that will not only get clicks, but also get you calls. A combination of organic SEO methods, intuitive navigation and design, and quality, informative content goes a long way in exceeding expectations of both your potential customers and the search engines. The key is to appeal to both so that you see growth and increased visibility in search rankings right away and over time.

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Interesting Marketing Facts

18,740 folks call Fairmont, West Virginia home. Consider that of the 16,472 individuals who use the internet in Fairmont, 8,401 (51%) are hitting the ‘net from their phones as they search the web. Why is this important? Well, this means that you simply must have a website that is quick to load and crafted with responsive design!

It’s also worth noting that half of the searches executed on a mobile device are looking for local services, and over 60% of these queries result in a sale or booking. For a small business owner, this is huge! This means that your online presence for your business simply has to incorporate local mapping in order to be found during these searches.

85% (15,929 people in Fairmont, WV) use internet searches to find businesses and the impact of social media is hard to overlook, influencing the likelihood of follow-through with a call or business transaction for 8,620 (46%) consumers in Fairmont, WV.

So where do we come in? Our team capitalizes on this fact and ensures that your social media coverage is solid! With nearly 16,472 (87.9%) people in Fairmont, WV shopping online, it’s vital to have a competitive internet marketing strategy to earn some of that business.

Our Team of Internet Marketing Experts

There isn’t just one single element of your business site that counts when it comes to impactful internet marketing; it all counts. Knowing this, our collective team of SEO experts builds every facet of the site with optimal performance in mind. All of our specialists contribute their skills and training to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and that the overall composition of your web presence is appealing to customers and optimized to own the rankings.

  • Webmasters – Our webmasters are involved in everything from hosting and connectivity to coding and best practices for the Design Team. Because we’re innovators and entrepreneurs just like you, our team also develops plug-ins and proprietary software to better utilize the knowledge we possess in-house to best serve our customers: you.
  • Designers – The talented site designers at HVAC Webmasters not only craft the visual components and navigation of your site, but they can also design or update your company logo for consistent, impactful branding across the ‘net. They are constantly considering responsive design, meaning that your site can be viewed equally well by Jane who is searching for air purification on her smartphone as James who is narrowing down commercial HVAC companies for his industrial property install from his laptop. We don’t rely on templates, so your site looks unique because it is unique.
  • Writers – Good copy is one of the chief components for effective web presence. We’ve been pleased to see that Google unabashedly favors quality content, and specifically looks for relevant, unique web copy. Every year, they raise the bar a little higher, and our in-house Writing Team is up to the task! On-going research and training ensure that the information we represent is accurate, helpful for viewers, and will favorably appeal to Google. We even structure our pages, tags, metadata, etc. to satisfy both the human eye and the search engine spiders.
  • Social Media Specialists – More and more, consumers are turning to social media platforms to vet potential service providers. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, etc. can go a long way in validating the information that attracted viewers to your business from your website, and ultimately help encourage the phone call that connects you to that customer for life. Don’t have social media yet? We can set those up and manage the accounts for you!
  • Mapping & Citation Management – A consistent internet marketing presence makes your company look more reliable and relevant to Google, which in turn increases your rankings as customers search for services in Fairmont, WV. We consistently monitor your Google and web accounts, looking for every opportunity to cultivate a seamless online presence.

We are your one-stop-shop for internet marketing, and look forward to working closely with you to develop an online presence and SEO strategy that will keep your heating and air conditioning company in Fairmont, WV busy and on top!

Let’s Get Started!

Reach out for a free consultation so that you can get to know a little more about what we do as we get to know a little more about what you do. Every HVAC business-owner operates differently, so we want to hear what you want and where you’re struggling when it comes to search engine marketing. You’re the expert when it comes to heating and cooling, but let us take the load off you to manage your website and web accounts so that we can do what we do best.

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