5 Reasons for HVAC Contractors to Advertise on Facebook

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook eliminated organic reach for businesses in an effort to bring people closer together and create a more homogeneous social network. Now, almost a year later, brands have been scrambling to buy HVAC leads and supplement the loss in impressions / traffic.

Renouncing Facebook altogether is not a good option for HVAC companies.

The average person visits Facebook 14 times per day and spends more time on the network than they do eating. To ignore a platform this populated, would be like a political candidate not campaigning in the largest city in their State. The solution to the loss in organic reach is Facebook advertising.

5 Reasons for HVAC Contractors to Advertise on Facebook Blog Cover
Below are 5 reasons why HVAC contractors should advertise on Facebook:

1. If it Makes Dollars, it Makes Sense

The most obvious reason to invest in a Facebook Ad campaign is because it works. Surveys suggest more than 90% of social media experts look to Facebook as their top platform in regards to return on investment. That’s greater than Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Every advertiser values ROI, and Facebook is the premier channel through which to achieve it for heating & cooling companies. Your company should take advantage today.

2. We’re Not Talking About Large Money (Unless You Want To)

Facebook gives their advertisers little reason to be intimidated by the venture. As an HVAC company, you can spend as little or as much as you want. That means businesses on all points of their journey can get started with Facebook Ads. Some contractors are just starting their business and don’t have the money to invest that a larger and more established company would. The more you spend, the more people you reach, but it’s all relative to earnings.

3. Power in Numbers

We noted the frequency with which the average person consumers Facebook. That means your audience is on the platform, and you should be too. Where else are you going to have access to advertise to that amount of people? A radio or print ad might be on eyes momentarily, but let’s be honest, who listens to the radio anymore? Who reads a print newspaper? There’s exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, consumers congregate on digital platforms in 2019 and beyond.

4. Choose Your Target Audience

With Facebook Advertising demographics, you can choose which users to target with your ad dollars. For example, as an HVAC contractor, you might want to target homeowners in certain zip codes within your service area. Not only does this increase the probability of a lead and subsequent sales conversion, but it limits the amount of ad money you spend because you won’t waste dollars on users who have no chance of using your services at any point.

5. All Eyes on You

With Facebook Remarketing or Retargeting or Pixel Tracking (Yes, 3 names) you can advertise to previous website visitors while they’re on Facebook. So let’s say a homeowner looking for HVAC visits your site, leaves and goes to FB. Now they see your pitch again! Users like these have already exercised something known as pre-established interest. Their presence on your website indicates that they had some level of relevance to HVAC services and in the best cases, are looking to buy them soon.

HVAC Webmasters Can Handle Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Don’t know how to advertise on Facebook? Don’t understand the nuances of demographic targeting, remarketing, and budgeting? You aren’t alone. In fact, most business owners are not well versed in ad spend for Facebook. Their focus is on executing the day to day operations of their business. In your case, that’s ensuring homeowners receive the best heating & cooling services. Whether it’s furnace repair this winter, or ac repair next summer, etc. HVAC Webmasters will handle Facebook Ads on your behalf, including a focus on the following:

  • Budget
  • Demographics
  • Pixel Tracking
  • ROI

Aside from managing your Facebook Ad campaign, we also offer additional digital marketing services for contractors. If you feel social media is not enough, we provide custom web design, HVAC SEO, content marketing, and Google My Business management. It’s ideal to use each of the elements in concert with Facebook ads, because Google grades businesses based on their entire online profile, which is what ultimately determines organic rankings. To get started with HVAC Webmasters, or to ask questions about any service, call (800) 353-3409.