4 SEO Friendly HVAC Blog Topics

4 SEO Friendly HVAC Blog TopicsIf you haven’t heard, blogging about your heating and cooling business can increase website traffic and generate leads. The keyword being can, as opposed to will. Whether it does or doesn’t depends largely on the content of your blog post. In other words, what you blog about. Topics should cater to consumer needs and questions, and be written for their benefit, rather than to “trick” search engines. Here are 4 SEO-friendly HVAC blog topics:

Cost of Installation

Money talks. Consumers want reliable HVAC installations at a low-cost. What better topic to spark their interest than installation costs? Brag and boast about your favorable rates and superior quality, just make sure you can back it up. As we know, reviews play a role in online reputation, and promising more than you can deliver will cost you down the road. Keyword research should play a role in post titles. If people are searching for “what does AC installation cost?” that is a perfect name for your post.

Guides and Resources

To reach a consumer, try to see things from their perspective. If you were looking for heating and cooling services, what would you most value? The answer in many cases is guides and resources. For example, The AC Buyer Guide 2018 would be a good post title, as it would help consumers locate and identify competent HVAC contractors, and invest in their services. It just so happens that in this case, that contractor will probably be you, since your contact info will appear right underneath.

Location Specific

Traffic only matters if its coming from an area you can actually service. The best way to attract local consumers is by blogging about topics that are specific to their location. If you are an HVAC contractor in Dallas, TX, blogging about AC repair in the middle of the summer can really get traffic moving towards your site. After all, this is prime season for AC problems, and finding an affordable and reliable person to repair it can certainly peak interest.

Product Comparisons

There’s a line between buyer intent blogging, and informational blogging. The former should be the focus of HVAC companies, since revenue is the ultimate goal. With that said, certain topics blur the line between the two “types” and can actually end up contributing to lead generation. One of those gray area topics is product comparisons. Breaking down AC models and then explaining how you can install them can net you some quality leads!

HVAC Webmasters Advantage

Looking for innovative ways to market your heating and cooling company? You have come to the right place. If you liked these blog ideas, we have many more. In fact, we employ a staff full of elite-level content writers to construct individualized posts on behalf of your company, and optimize them on your website. Not only will you see a traffic increase for your site, but you will also begin to build local authority, and build up link equity as as sustainable business asset. To discuss HVAC internet marketing services, give us a call today at (800) 353-3409.

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