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Prior to the internet, HVAC companies would employ people to hand out flyers door to door. While this strategy might’ve been somewhat effective in 1969, you could not work an employee more than the maximum number of hours in a day because of federal and state level regulations. But what if HVAC companies could have a 24/7 employee who generated leads at all times of the day and night? They can by investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That’s right, SEO serves as an effective employee for HVAC contractors who are looking to acquire customers in their local service area. Whether it is Google Maps or organic results, SEO can pay major dividends for companies in 2019. Best of all, SEO never turns off, making it a non-stop lead generator for heating and cooling companies.

Organic SEO consists of many elements. One of the most important for HVAC is local SEO. Since HVAC companies are usually local, targeting consumers within in a defined radius creates the most favorable ROI. But local SEO is not the only aspect of optimization. On-page, Off-Site, and Technical SEO also collectively influence a company’s search visibility. Obviously, the more well represented you are on Google SERPs the more valuable of an “employee” that SEO becomes. Think of it like a salesperson who converts at a high rate. You would pay them more than the person who only gets one lead per 1,000 consumers. The great thing about SEO, is that once you establish rankings, the lead generation process can become an ongoing asset.

Why Organic SEO Works 24/7

Consumers have never before in history had so much access to A) an internet connection and B) a device on which to access it. Most public places have WiFi connections, and most Americans have a mobile device of some kind on their person. Even at times when people are away from a WiFi connection, phone carriers allow for internet access through their servers. The bottom line is this, a considerable amount of consumers can now access the net 24/7. What this means is that a search for HVAC services can happen at literally any time, and with SEO, your search results will be there waiting for when it does happen. The higher the search ranking, the more times users will view and click on your search result, and ultimately enter the sales funnel.

Organic works 24/7 because of:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Mobile Devices
  • WiFi Connections

Is Organic SEO Cost Efficient?

A 24/7 employee would presumably by expensive, right? Wrong. Organic SEO is one of the most inexpensive employees you will ever have on the payroll. While some digital marketing campaigns require an ongoing investment like PPC Google Ads and Facebook Ads, SEO is far less of a financial burden. The best part is that once established, its ROI becomes astronomically higher than that of any kind of paid advertising. That is because its cost is so much lower. Keep in mind that like with any other kind of marketing investment, SEO is dependent on quality. Proper optimization will yield substantial ROI in typical cases, but poorly executed SEO can end up as money down the drain. Preventing inferior SEO companies from selling you their services is easier than you might think. There are multiple red flags to look for when evaluating a potential SEO company for your heating and cooling business. Here’s why good SEO is cost efficient:

  • Low Cost
  • Ongoing ROI
  • Sustainable Growth

Planning The Right Organic SEO Strategy

Knowing that the quality of an SEO strategy can make or break its effectiveness, HVAC contractors should understand what it takes to plan a strategy that is projected to succeed.

A proper SEO strategy consists of keyword research, URL structuring, and high quality content writing. Other supplementary factors also play a role, such as; website design, link building, and geo-mapping. HVAC Webmasters can develop a strategy on your behalf and then execute it with our team of 20 webmasters. We’ll identify the top primary keywords in your market and target them with pages which are properly structure into a logical URL hierarchy. We will then write content that matches the industry standard and appeals to readers and search engines alike. Finally, we will regularly monitor your organic process using Google Analytics and Google Search Console and make any changes dictated by suggestive groups of data.

Keyword Research

Tools like MOZ Keyword Explorer, SEMRush, and UberSuggest can provide keyword volume, competition, and opportunity. When searching for keywords, HVAC companies should only target those that have buyer’s intent. What that means is terms that insinuate an intention from the searcher to buy your service. An example of this would be “ac repair service” which implies that they are looking for a service. A counterexample is “ac repair diy” which indicates the searcher is looking to fix the appliance themself rather than pay someone else to do it. Buyer intent keywords are more valuable to HVAC contractors because they are easier to convert into paying customers instead of having empty web traffic for the sake of it.

URL Structuring

Keywords should be structured within categories and subcategories to form a URL structure. For example, AC Repair might be a top level page and a main keyword. AC Coolant & Leak Repair might be a subcategory of that main page and go for a more specific and long-tail keyword. Google will then crawl the URL structure and understand that AC Coolant & Leak Repair is a subset of AC Repair. Not only does this help Google index your pages for favorable search rankings but it helps users navigate the website logically and helps them find the precise page that they are looking for. Keep URL slugs aka permalinks as short as possible while still explaining the topic of the page. An example of this would be You’ll notice that any stop words like “and” are removed from the permalink since Google crawlers ignore them anyway.

High Quality Content

Content remains one of the most important aspects of organic SEO. Google stresses that unique, engaging, and valuable content will separate itself on search rankings. Part of an effective SEO strategy is writing content that meets this criteria. For it to do so it must be written by professional level writers with a knowledge of both the HVAC industry as well as best SEO practices. Good content is not always easy to find, especially when you are looking for someone who has both of the criteria mentioned previously. HVAC Webmasters can write this kind of content for each page and blog post on your website.

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